GameJam 2011 (Part 5)

With the main characters designed it allowed me to do left over texture designs and have fun making masks for a bit of fun, hoping we might have a chance of winning ‘The Best Dressed Team’ award… we didn’t. Another team made capes.

We also talked about having a few more characters in the game, mainly some non-zombie public. So I had a bit of time to design another character but sadly didn’t have time to produce him to be game-ready.

The last full day was primarily spent trying to find a programmer as we hadn’t had one all week. Matt had been learning ‘Unity’ as we were going on so massive awesome points should go out to him for that. 

The last day was just panic-stations. We had a crazy amount of very well made assets, all the characters ready and the environment pretty much finished but the game just wasn’t working properly. We managed to get a working version ready just in time but we needed more time with a programmer to really get it working how we wanted. We did however win an award for best sound because of the amazing work by Simon Wood. 

All-in-all we had an amazing week and we all plan on doing it again next year. I also had people from games companies ‘Codemasters’, ‘MegaDev’ and ‘Climax’ telling me they liked my art so it was a massive confidence boost too. 

My group plan on finishing the game in our time now hopefully I’ll get to post it up here at some point in the future. I hope I can do GameJam again next year!